Quick disconnect cartridge Collins TWK-1818H-IM1 (Complete)

Druckkopf Collins TWK-1818H-IM1 (Complete)
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Quick disconnect cartridge Collins Complete H (TWK-1818H-IM1) This is a dye/pigment... more
Product information "Quick disconnect cartridge Collins TWK-1818H-IM1 (Complete)"
Quick disconnect cartridge Collins Complete H
This is a dye/pigment hybrid-based ink that prints on both, coated and non-coated substrates.
It will dry quickly and provide good permanence on coated stocks, while maintaining excellent print quality and a dark image on non-coated stocks.
The heads-up technology allows the cartridge to start up after extended periods of down time without wiping or purging, therefore requiring less operator maintenance.
IM1 quick disconnect cartridges are for use with Collins' bulk supply station and should be ordered in conjunction with the BS1 bottles. For every BS1 bottle, 2 IM1 cartridges are required.
Color: black
Properties: printhead
use for system: HP-Inkjet
Ink Basis: Wasser Hybrid Farbstoff/Pigment
For Material: glatt + saugfähig
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